ITP India January Access to Energy Bulletin

We are delighted to bring you the January 2017 Access to Energy Bulletin authored by Dr. Akanksha Chaurey CEO of our sister company: ITP India

The year 2017 has been ushered in by the achievements of 2016 in the renewable energy sector in India. Noteworthy among these are 3.2 GW of new generation capacities in first half of ongoing financial year, solar tariffs at INR 3/ kWh, repowering of wind power projects and other policy initiatives. The past year has also seen the emergence of new markets such as floatovoltaics and solar roof-top. In fact, solar roof-top has become the fastest growing market segment and has crossed the 1 GW mark. This growth is fu- eled by enablers such as mandatory solar roof-top purchase obligations for development of smart cities, amendments of building bye-laws for mandatory provisions of roof-top solar for new constructions, and extending housing loans to include solar roof-top. Third- party roof-top projects are offering cheaper electricity prices than the state distribution utilities, for commercial and industrial building owners.

The solar roof-top market is expanding and moving from early projects on government and institutional buildings to commercial and industrial buildings. It is encourag- ing to witness such impressive growth, but one must be cognizant of the challenges and the issues this sec- tor is likely to face in its pursuit to reach 12.7 GW by 2021, as estimated by industry experts. Some of these challenges are related to aesthetics of installing so- lar on roofs of government buildings and institutions – particularly on heritage buildings, structural consider- ations and structural safety in commercial and indus- trial buildings, grid interconnection costs and issues, etc.

According to experts, the potential market for roof- top commercial and industrial (C&I) solar photo- voltaic projects in the U.S. may exceed 100 GW by 2030. The C&I segment is expected to be the mainstay of solar roof-top market in India as well.

A happy new year to the readers of this bulletin!


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