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Ecology New Bulletin – April 2017

Spring has Sprung!

The first signs of spring are starting to show with reports of wheatear and ospreys returning to our shore, and adders spotted on the hills, waking after their winter sleep.

With this emergence, the Ecology Team at ITPEnergised are preparing for a busy survey season ahead in 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to contact our clients and highlight some of the ecological considerations which might start to arise on many projects. Some of the big hitters are listed below.

European Protected Species


We   often   get   enquiries  about   bats  in   buildings  but   they can also roost in trees.

Bats are European Protected Species, as such, they receive protection from both destruction of roosts and disturbance of roosts.

The bat survey season extends from April to September but surveys  can ’ t be condensed  into the end (or beginning) of this season. At ITPEnergised we can offer a range of solutions to bat data collection and can provide advice from our in-house licensed bat worker.


GCN are also European Protected Species.

In spring the adults move from land based habitats to breeding ponds.

Early involvement can allow the use of DNA techniques – where negative results would prevent need for further surveys, and early positive results would leave enough time to collect further data.

The optimal survey period is April to June.

Protected Species


Badgers are also emerging from setts at this time of year, with this peak in activity comes an optimal survey period.

The spring survey period extends through to the end of April, with a second (but reduced) period in Autumn.

Badgers setts are protected from destruction or obstruction and badgers are protected from disturbance at their setts.


Breeding birds start nesting from early April through to mid-August, although some species breed outside of this period.

All birds within the UK are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act during the breeding season.

Our in-house ornithologists provide a range of services, including: vantage point surveys, breeding walkover surveys and numerous species-specific surveys.

Contact Us

This news bulletin aims to highlight just a few of the ecological considerations that may exist in a project. Our Ecology Team can provide a wide range of ecological services, including: surveys, mitigation, impact assessment and enhancement advice.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team to discuss you needs or concerns throughout the season; we are only too happy to help, and do love talking about ecology!

Our Principal Ecologist, Lorraine Hamilton 07769 116057 and

Senior Ecologist & Licensed Bat Worker, Nikki Murray 07857 072 654 are available to respond to any queries.