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ITPEnergised (ITPE) was formed when Energised Environments Limited acquired Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited. ITPE is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, commercially minded, energy and environmental consulting services to clients in onshore & offshore energy, transport & infrastructure, property and corporate sectors.

We deliver feasibility, environmental planning and technical support on environmental assessments for a range of developments. Key areas of specialist advice include the feasibility and consenting phases through to post-submission support and construction environmental management.

By understanding our clients’ expectations, financing and attitude to risk through screening, scoping and environmental impact assessment (EIA) we help to optimise the approach to achieving consent, with deliverable conditions and a buildable project.

“I have used the services of key personnel at ITPE over a number of years and will continue to engage them as my preferred choice for environmental consultancy. I have the utmost confidence in their expertise and professionalism….”

Andrew McMurtrie, CEO, Stoerhouse Highland

Our Capabilities

We pride ourselves on providing a level of detail to meet the needs of the client in an easily understood and technical robust manner. We have an excellent understanding of the planning requirements and strong relationships with the regulators to ensure we are able to navigate the most expedient path to a consented project.

Our air quality services include:

Air quality monitoring

  • Planning and execution of monitoring using passive and continuous monitoring techniques
  • Data management and QA/QC
  • Dust monitoring

Compilation of emissions inventories

  • Site/project scale inventories to quantify fugitive emissions
  • Regional scale inventories
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon balance

Air dispersion modelling

  • Road traffic
  • Industrial
  • Dust, odour, bioaerosols and landfill gas

Local Air Quality Management

  • Review and assessment
  • Development of Action Plans and Local Air Quality Strategies
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Expert witness

Selected project experience

Petrochemical and refinery site


Over a period of several years we have undertaken multiple dispersion modelling studies of a large industrial complex. The studies have included local air quality management (LAQM) review and assessment studies to determine compliance with National Air Quality Strategy, and subsequent studies to determine the effects of planned emissions control measures and compliance with the sites environmental permit. The studies have entailed detailed dispersion modelling, including extensive sensitivity analysis and model verification with local ambient monitoring data.

Bioenergy developments

Various clients

We have undertaken assessments of a range of bioenergy projects across the UK, including large scale combustion plant in support of PPC/EPR permitting and small scale plant in urban environments.  Assessments have included, 20 – 50 MW wood fired biomass schemes, wood fired biomass in schools and commercial developments in urban areas, anaerobic digestion plants associated with food and drink manufacturing sites or waste and wastewater facilities and energy from waste facilities. Assessments have considered combustion by-products, odour, dust and bio- aerosols.

Offshore oil and gas installations

Various clients

We have undertaken numerous air dispersion modelling studies assessing emissions from combustion plant and flaring activities from offshore platforms and floating, production, storage and offloading vessels across the UK. Studies have been undertaken in support of offshore PPC compliance, extended well tests and to inform of EIAs.

Local Air Quality Management review and assessment

Various clients

We have extensive experience of LAQM review and assessment, including:

  • Development and management of air quality monitoring networks
  • Updating and Screening Assessments and Annual Progress Reports
  • Detailed Assessments of road traffic emissions
  • Detailed Assessment of harbour emissions, domestic fuel combustion and industrial emissions
  • Further assessment and source apportionment
  • Action plan development and cost-benefit analysis
  • Stakeholder consultation

Residential and commercial development

Various clients

We have undertaken numerous assessments of residential and commercial development across the UK.

Assessments have considered the potential impacts of road traffic emissions associated with new development in areas sensitive to changes in local air quality e.g. Air Quality Management Areas, and on major developments where major changes to local traffic flows are projected. Assessments have included detailed dispersion modelling of road traffic emissions, car parking and associated combined heat and power schemes.

Oil & gas, mining, urban development and infrastructure projects

Various international clients 

ITPE team members have undertaken air quality impact assessments of international developments, including onshore and offshore oil and gas, mining and urban development and infrastructure projects. Project experience includes East, West and Southern and Central Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Region. Projects have been undertaken to both local and international IFC World Bank standards.  Project experience includes baseline monitoring and local capacity development, stakeholder engagement, preparation of emissions inventories and detailed dispersion modelling for a range of projects.