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ITPEnergised (ITPE) was formed when Energised Environments Limited acquired Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited. ITPE is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, commercially minded, energy and environmental consulting services to clients in onshore & offshore energy, transport & infrastructure, property and corporate sectors.

We have strong corporate credentials, a first class in-house team, supported by the best technical sub-consultants we know based on our experience, allowing us to adapt our offering to each geography and the specifics of every project, on a case-by-case basis.

Our team at ITPE has worked across many sectors with a diverse client base including food & drink, industrial, aviation, retail and public sector. Our team has international experience including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa working with major blue chips including Ford, Tesco, GSK, Tullow Oil, and Heineken.

I have used the services of the key personnel at ITPE over a number of years and will continue to engage them as my preferred choice for environmental consultancy. I have the utmost confidence in their expertise and professionalism, and value their approach to delivering practical and appropriate advice at a sensible cost. For me, they ‘de-clutter’ what is often perceived as a complex science, subject to and ever-changing regulation’.

Andrew McMurtrie, CEO, Stoerhouse Highland

Our capabilities

We pride ourselves on providing a level of detail to meet the needs of the client in an easily understood and technically robust manner including board level presentations. We have an excellent understanding of the regulations in place to deliver climate change targets and reporting requirements. We support companies and public sector organisations to understand how they can gain a competitive advantage by addressing carbon and energy within their operations, supply chain, products and services and meet governance obligations.

We offer a broad range of services including:

  • Energy efficiency audits to BS EN 16247
  • Energy management system design and implementation for ISO 50001
  • Technical and commercial feasibility of renewable technologies and combined heat and power (CHP) schemes
  • Behavioural change programs
  • Carbon strategy and management plan advice
  • Life cycle and carbon footprinting
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and reporting
  • Corporate reporting including mandatory reporting support.
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) assessment and auditing
  • Climate change risk management
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) advice and support
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme(ESOS)

Selected project experience

Energy compliance

ESOS Lead Assessor and auditing –
various UK clients

ITPE has provided Lead Assessor services through its experienced team of consultants, and energy audits to a range of companies across all sectors. Members of the team have worked with clients in the oil and gas sector, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and professional services. Clients have included Expro and Proserv, Munoz Group, Millennium Hotels, Carlsberg and many more.

CRC audit – Cummins UK

ITPE undertook the CRC Audit of Cummins UK’s 2013/14 footprint data prior to submission of the formal footprint report to the Environment Agency. We provided an assessment of the data, procedures for identifying sources of data and confirmation on the calculations used to generate the footprint.

Energy Performance Certificates –
various clients

We have Level 4 accredited non-domestic energy assessors and have been involved in

the production of over 200 EPCs for properties across the UK including hotels & leisure, retail, industrial and commercial properties.

CRC advisory – Nvidia

Working with the US sustainability manager, ITPE assisted Nvidia to understand the liability of CRC in relation to a large UK data centre in which the company is a tenant.

Auditing and systems

ISO 50001 & 14001 Integrated Management Systems – Maclay Murray and Spens LLP

ITPS provided support to leading law firm Maclay Murray and Spens (MMS) to implement an integrated environmental and energy management system. Independently certified by NQA, MMS achieved certification to the ISO standards. ITPE is retained by MMS to maintain the system and provide ongoing advice and support.

Energy reporting & analysis –
Aggreko Manufacturing

ITPE provide energy reporting and analysis on a monthly basis for Aggreko. We use our knowledge of building and factory operations to flag up any unusual patterns with suggestions for possible causes. We produce demand profiles as required ensuring that Aggreko is only required to address areas of concern. Our team has also provided energy auditing to BS EN 16247 and ISO 50001 implementation and gap analysis.

Energy technology assessment

Renewable energy assessment tool – OnGen ExpertTM

ITPE was instrumental in the development of the world’s first online renewable energy technology assessment tool, which also optimises generation potential to demand data in order to maximise commercial returns. Our role has been as “technical director” for the software development team on each of the technologies developed on the platform.

Heat & electricity import study – Michelin

Members of the ITPE team have been involved in a number of studies to look at the dynamics of importing energy from the nearby DERL Energy from Waste site into the Michelin Dundee manufacturing site. The work has included:

  • Analysing Michelin’s current, and forecasting future, energy demands
  • Establishing availability of heat and electricity from the DERL plant
  • Assessing heat and electrical redundancy requirements with Michelin
  • Researching possible turbine modifications or replacement
  • Estimating budget costs for DERL plant modifications, pipe runs to and from Michelin and integration with existing Michelin steam systems.
  • Estimating Michelin ongoing operation and maintenance costs
  • Carrying out research relating to any possible legislative incentives such as the Renewable Heat Obligation
  • Modelling financial, energy and carbon emission savings
  • Carrying out initial simple payback estimates
  • Preparing and presenting final report to management and stakeholders

Carbon management and GHG inventory

CDP support – Victrex

A member of the ITPE team developed the GHG emission inventory for Victrex and the qualitative response for the investor questionnaire for the company’s first response to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Climate Change Risk Assessment – Diageo

The project assessed the impact that climate change will have on Diageo’s major European spirits warehousing facility in Scotland. The aim of the study was to identify the likely climate change scenarios for key time frames: 2020, 2050 and 2080. ITPE team members developed a bespoke risk assessment methodology to look at the impact on infrastructure, people and products.

The approach utilised published climate models to develop an agreed scenario based on probability of various impacts occurring; i.e. increased rainfall and intensity, high temperatures, greater severe weather occurrences including high levels of short lived snow fall. The study provided a series of priorities and recommendations on adaptation and set out areas of further research that needed to be completed to make detailed investment appraisals.

Carbon and water strategy – Isle of
Wight Council

Previously, ITPE Director, Andrew Bright was the Project Director of an innovative project to assess the carbon mitigation and water footprint of a 25 year highways PFI infrastructure project. The work required the development of detailed carbon modelling to enable forecasts on carbon emissions to be incorporated into contractual requirements and provide financial incentives for carbon reductions.

GHG verification – National Grid

Members of the ITPE team undertook verification of National Grid’s GHG emissions for the UK and US businesses.

Working to WRI/GHG Protocol standards, they provided Limited Assurance to National Grid for external reporting purposes as to the suitability and validity of the companies’ GHG Inventory. The assurance statement was provided to the board and approved.

Carbon Management Plans

Various public sector clients

Members of the ITPE team have supported a number of public sector organisations over the last five years in managing and reporting on their carbon footprint. Clients included the Scottish Government, several local authorities, Police Scotland and several NHS Scotland Boards.

The work involved an initial review of the maturity of Carbon Management Plans, including an assessment of carbon saving project implementation rates and achievement of aims/targets and the development of Action Plans. These typically included identification and quantification of emission sources, scrutiny of existing carbon saving projects, support to develop new projects and strengthening of internal processes to support key communication between participants and stakeholders.

ITPE is currently retained by Strathclyde Passenger Transport to provide carbon management services.