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The ITPEnergised Group is a world-leading consultancy offering energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services. Our private and public sector clients include utilities, developers, investors, funders and regulators. We have unmatched experience, providing our services to onshore and marine energy, property and urban regeneration, transport and infrastructure and corporate clients in more than 150 countries for over 35 years.

From project feasibility assessment through to services during design, construction and operation, our global coverage, international specialists and ‘trusted advisor’ approach make us the first choice. Personal attention to every client and project is a key part of our offering. Everyone in the ITPEnergised team takes pride in their work, and together we ensure our clients receive a top quality service on every project. Our clients have described our approach as ‘refreshing’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘beyond a consultant’.

“I have used the services of the key personnel at ITPEnergised over a number of years and will continue to engage them as my preferred choice. I have the utmost confidence in their expertise and professionalism, and value their approach to delivering practical and appropriate advice at a sensible cost. For me, they ‘de-clutter’ what is often perceived as a complex science, subject to ever-changing regulation.”
Andrew McMurtrie, Stoerhouse Highland, a major biomass developer

Extensive client base
ITPEnergised’s clients range from multilateral agencies such as the World Bank Group and the United Nations, through to industrial multinationals, renewable energy project developers, private equity firms, technology companies and investors. ITPEnergised also advises governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on energy and climate change aspects of international development.

Global capabilities

In the energy sector, we have project experience in onshore and offshore wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, biomass, anaerobic digestion, wave and tidal stream and lagoon technologies and in electricity transmission and distribution.
We also have track record in providing energy and environmental services on transport infrastructure, property and urban regeneration and to corporate blue chip clients.
ITPEnergised is ideally placed to satisfy all of your project delivery needs and offers a comprehensive set of services, including:

  • Low emission pathways & policy advisory
  • Specialist marine & offshore engineering
  • Carbon market & climate change consultancy
  • Solar thermal technologies design
  • Capacity building & technology transfer
  • Energy efficiency & green building design
  • Resource and energy yield determination
  • Environmental planning services
  • Market assessment
  • Corporate environmental responsibility
  • Economic & technology feasibility
  • Technical & environmental due diligence
  • Onshore renewables engineering and R&D
  • Project management

“It is worth mentioning how pleased we have been with IT Power’s involvement in what has been an exceptionally difficult, fast-paced, and constantly changing project. Your team has been flexible and accommodating, and produced work of very high standard across the board, which has been much appreciated’’
Joseph Mayhew, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), New Zealand