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Natural Resources Capability Statement

09 May 2017



ITPEnergised (ITPE) was formed when Energised Environments Limited acquired Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited. ITPEnergised is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, commercially minded, energy and environmental consulting services to clients in the onshore & offshore energy, transport & infrastructure, property and corporate sectors.

We deliver feasibility, environmental planning and technical support on environmental assessments for a range of developments in the mining, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

By understanding our clients’ expectations, financing and attitude to risk through screening, scoping and environmental & social impact assessment (ESIA) we help to optimise the approach to achieving consent, with deliverable conditions and a buildable project.

“ITPE gives that extra entrepreneurial edge… working with the team over the last 6 years has given us a competitive advantage.”

Fraser Campbell, Operations Director, Burcote Wind.

Our capabilities

We pride ourselves on providing a level of detail to meet the needs of the client in an easily understood and technical robust manner. We have an excellent understanding of the environmental consenting requirements and strong relationships with lenders and regulators to ensure we are able to navigate the most expedient path to a consented project. Within the natural resources sector, we have experience of working in:

  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Renewable energy: solar, biomass, onshore/offshore wind, hydro power, tidal & marine

Our services in the natural resources sectors include:


  • Initial environmental feasibility and constraint analysis
  • Full ESIA services, including co-ordination, delivery and/or management of all technical components to international standards
  • Full production and/or review and editing of ESIA reports, Environmental & Social Management Plans (ESMP), and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP)
  • Consultation with statutory and non-statutory consultees and public engagement
  • Air quality impact assessment
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Geology and ground conditions assessment
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Landscape impact assessment
  • Water resources assessment, including hydrology, hydrogeology, drainage and flooding

Technical advisory services

  • Compilations of emissions inventories
  • Greenhouse gas accounting and reporting
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental permitting
  • Site feasibility assessment
  • Technical consultancy for renewable technologies & wind farm asset management
  • Responsible investment related assessments (World Bank/IFC, Equator Principles, CDP, EBRD, Green for Growth, FTSE4Good)

Selected project experience


Simandou ESIA, Guinea, Rio Tinto

Members of the ITPEnergised team worked with Rio Tinto on the ESIA review coordination for this mine, port and infrastructure project.

The ESIA, undertaken to IFC Performance Standards, consisted of a number of volumes considering effects resulting from one of the largest greenfield iron ore developments in the world, construction and operation of 650km of railway, deep water port, roads, quarries and ancillary developments. The work involved close liaison between the consultants, client teams (engineering, environmental, social leads, etc.), IFC partners and external stakeholders. The role also included lead responsibility for all stakeholder and public consultation (in-country and internationally). This relied on building strong relationships at all government levels, as well with local communities, to overcome access and language barriers to presenting and discussing the development plans.

Oil & gas

Olowi oil field decommissioning, Gabon, Cairn Energy

Cairn Energy sought to decommission this offshore oil field. We undertook an ESIA of the potential impacts and their effects on marine, coastal and local community receptors and made recommendations for mitigation measures to minimise potential impacts. The work has been undertaken to comply with Gabonese legislation and international standards.

North Sea oil platform decommissioning ESIA third party review, UK, CNR

CNR is seeking a permit to decommission its oil platform in the North Sea. It is also seeking a derogation under OSPAR regulations to leave the platform legs on the seabed. A comparative assessment process has been undertaken to identify the best practicable environmental option. ITPEnergised was commissioned to undertake a third-party independent review of the reports prior to submission for consent.

Onshore oil field seismic survey ESIA, Ethiopia, Delonex

Members of the team led on the co-ordination and execution of the baseline surveys, acted as technical lead for air quality and noise assessments and reviewed all ESIA volumes prior to submission for this onshore oil field development. The work was undertaken to IFC Performance Standards.

Renewable energy

Hendry Review of tidal lagoons, UK Government

Charles Hendry was appointed by the UK Government to assess the strategic case for tidal lagoons – whether they could represent value for money and the role they could play in the UK’s energy mix. ITPEnergised was appointed as the technical advisor to the Hendry Review.

We carried out a pre‐feasibility study on a potential UK lagoon programme and considered the following:

  • Value of energy, including the cost of energy, security of supply and carbon savings
  • Environmental impacts and compensation requirements
  • Regional grid impacts
  • Supply chain opportunities
  • Energy production modelling and system operability considerations

Solar regional feasibility study, North Africa, confidential client

ITPEnergised was contracted by a commercial investor to prepare a pre-feasibility study assessing the technical and economic viability of different options for a photovoltaic and concentrated solar power installation in the North African desert. The assessment covered concentrating solar thermal technologies, including hybrid plants and opportunities for thermal storage. The levelised cost of energy of the different solar plant options was evaluated, taking into consideration capital and operation and maintenance costs.

Wind farm development: site search, feasibility assessments and EIAs, UK, Burcote Wind

Our team has worked on Burcote Wind’s portfolio over the last four years. We have undertaken site‐search constraints screening, wind resource mapping and high‐level feasibility studies at over 100 potential wind farm sites and assisted in developing a suite of 13 large scale wind farm developments (up to 126 MW to date in total). Work has involved a review of wind resource and potential yield, environmental and access constraints, constraints associated with military, radar and communications, grid capacity and connection options. We have gone on to prepare planning application submissions, EIAs, front end design and technical inputs to inform the planning application process. Four applications have been consented to date and we continue to work on this diverse portfolio.

Offshore wind risk assessment, China, UK Government

ITPEnergised provided two reports to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The first provided an overview of the typical / principal risks that developers and financiers of offshore wind projects in the UK are exposed to as a guide for foreign organisations looking to invest in UK projects, summarising risks and making recommendations.  The second report identified risks to offshore wind projects in China during the entire lifetime of a project and provided recommendations on methods of risk reduction and mitigation with an emphasis on how these methods lead to cost reductions and a lower cost of energy.