A96 Dualling Strategic Environmental Assessment case study

Project Info

Project Description

Provision of a Technical Lead on the SEA for proposals to dual the A96 trunk road between Aberdeen and Inverness. The SEA involved extensive public and stakeholder consultation and used a GIS based environmental constraints approach to inform identification of corridors of least environmental constraint for future road design proposals

Our Role

ITPEnergised worked closely with the CH2M team in delivering a detailed and two-tier SEA for the A96 dualling proposals between Nairn and Aberdeen.

Tier 1 of the SEA was integrated with a multi modal appraisal of transport options in the A96 corridor following STAG appraisal and which informed Transport Scotland’s business case for the dualling programme. At Tier 2 a more detailed environmental appraisal of constraints and potential significant effects of dualling options was undertaken. Environmental Reports and public and stakeholder consultation was undertaken throughout.

Project Details
  • 2014 to 2015
  • Undertaken with CH2M for Transport Scotland