UNIDO Cabo Verde Water Nexus Case Study

Project Info

Project Description

The project, promoted by the Government of Cabo Verde, with the support of UNIDO and the GEF, aims to catalyze the commercial use of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) technologies in water desalination and pumping systems while supporting the development of a comprehensive network of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in line with Cabo Verde’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).

By bundling a set of key interventions in the area of investment policy and capacity development, as well as awareness raising, the project is expected to deliver the following main results:

  • Energy-Water-Nexus and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) approach to be integrated into relevant national policies and regulations.
  • Local capacity on Energy-Water- Nexus and ESCOs approach enhanced.
  • Around 3.6 MW of private investments in projects addressing the Energy-Water-Nexus identified and

The assignment was conducted by ITPEnergsied during 09/2017-03/2018.

Our Role

It consisted of preparing the documentation to request the GEF CEO Endorsement Approval, which includes: Elaboration of the Energy Baseline report where the status of RE and EE technologies in water resource management, supply chain availability and technology sustainability were evaluated; characterising the market enablers (government institutions, banks, etc.) identifying market barriers (financial, capacity building, technical, etc.); and characterising the policy and regulatory framework. The work also involved the development of pre-feasibility studies for RE and EE pilot projects associated with water resource management (mainly water desalination and pumping projects) including technical evaluation (size, technology, location) and financial analysis (IRR, LCOE and sensitivity analysis).

The team was also responsible for securing the sources of co-funding in collaboration with UNIDO country office and the national consultant and for supervising local data collection activities and missions to Praia aimed at interviewing potential project developers and co-financers and presenting the project structure to local government officials and other relevant stakeholders for validation.