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Preventing and Defending Claims for Nuisance

15 December 2020

ITPEnergised and CMS Joint Webinar

With many operators facing claims for nuisance, ITPEnergised and CMS co-present a webinar for the Food and Drink Federation with the aim of helping companies understand and defend such claims, throwing light on a subject all too often kept behind closed doors and struggled with alone.

The webinar covers key issues such as:

  • Legal basis for Nuisance claims and legal update
  • Relationship with Environmental Permitting Regulations
  • Litigation – Costs and Strategy
  • Best practice for prevention of nuisance
  • Strategies for managing nuisance claims / permit breach

Presenters: Rebecca Roffe, CMS; Ruth Fain, ITPEnergised

Should you have any questions on this subject, or need further clarification on anything discussed in the webinar, please email

Please click here to view the webinar on the FDF Website