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Publication of Paper on Electricity Disclosure in Energies Journal

11 June 2015

IT Power and its partners as part of the Consortium implementing the European Commission RE-DISS Phase II project has just published an Article on the Energies 2015 journal integrated in the special issue Energy Policy and Climate Change entitled “Residual Mix Calculation at the Heart of Reliable Electricity Disclosure in Europe—A Case Study on the Effect of the RE-DISS Project” (Link to the article:

In this article the key problems in implicit electricity disclosure are outlined and discussed. In addition improvements achieved in the disclosure systems in Europe throughout the implementation of RE-DISS phase I (04/2010-10/2012) with regard to these problems are highlighted. A special attention is provided in this article on how the European residual mix calculated by the RE-DISS project helped reduced the total implicit disclosure error by 168 TWh and double counting of renewable generation attributes by 70 TWh, in 16 selected countries.

For more information on the Phase II of the RE-DISS project please check the RE-DISS project website.