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Success in DECC’s Energy Technical Specialists Framework

18 May 2015

IT Power has been appointed to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Energy Technical Specialists Framework. IT Power will provide services to DECC under LOT 8, Hydroelectric and Marine Technologies (including wave and tidal). IT Power and six other consultancies have been selected for LOT 8.

Companies within the framework will provide technical support to DECC for determination, evaluation and delivering the UK energy and climate change policies and programmes. This framework will allow DECC to procure the specialist technical support it requires to provide robust technical evidence that will underpin its future energy policies.

In response to the news IT Power’s Group CEO, David Nickols said:

”We are incredibly proud to have been selected from a long list of tenderers to provide these consultancy services to the UK Government. We are looking forward to working with DECC over the 4-year duration of the contract and will use our extensive experience in the wave and tidal sectors to provide advice in relation to new government policies and developments.”