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Tom nan Clach Wind Farm Repowering – Infinergy

09 November 2016

We are pleased to announce that Infinergy has been given the green light by the Scottish Government on appeal for its application to ‘repower’ the consented Tom nan Clach Wind Farm on Cawdor Estate. Energised Environments Limited is proud to have supported Infinergy in its successful application to repower the consented 17 turbine scheme, acting as EIA project manager and technical lead on several of the Environmental Statement chapters.


This new proposal is a redesign of the wind farm, which will utilise recent technology gains to help increase the predicted renewable energy output from the site by 26% with 4 fewer, slightly larger turbines. Located approximately 1.8 km south of Daless in the Scottish Highlands, the development will bring a community benefit of almost £5 million over the 25 year life time of the wind farm.