Flor Clavin – MSc

Florencia is an Environmental Engineer with 11 years or experience in consultancy services in the fields of renewable energy, energy access, rural electrification and climate change. She holds a MSc on Renewable Energy specialized in solar energy from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina), where she carried out a thesis on concentrated solar power with the support from Dr Steinfeld from ETHZ, Switzerland.

She has taken part in several market assessments for rural electrification projects in Latin America (e.g. Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) and has got involved in “Sustainable Energy for All” (SE4All) assignments in African countries (Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Kenya), which included the development of policy documents and reports (e.g. Action Agendas, Investment Prospectuses) as well as a monitoring, evaluation and reporting frameworks to track progress towards the countries’ goals.

In the past, Florencia gained experience on climate change mitigation through the Clean Development Mechanism, having conducted projects in the areas of fuel switching, hydropower, biofuels and biogas for Latin American countries (Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia) and abroad (Jordan, India). Florencia’s mother tongue is Spanish, and she is fluent in English and Portuguese.