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Future energy sources for distilleries – R&D Funding Confirmed

17 August 2020

More details are emerging today on the Green Distilleries R&D funding competition, and we are currently getting in touch with our clients in the distillery sector. The invitation to tender for the funding is expected in September with expressions of interest now being sought.

The emphasis is squarely on new strategies for fuel-switching, with an initial £500k pot available for operators to develop feasibility studies. The funding covers projects at Technology Readiness Levels 4 to 7; basically, all points between proof-of-concept demonstrated in a laboratory setting through to a full industrial prototype – so alternative energy sources that currently exist for off-the -shelf installation would not appear to qualify. Novel applications of renewables for heat electrification and in particular thermal hydrogen might well be worth exploring though.

This won’t be at the right point on every distillery’s path to net zero fossil carbon emissions but could potentially catalyse the process for some. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at ITPEnergised if you are considering applying for the grant funding and would like support for the process, to work up ideas and/or just an independent opinion.

More information regarding expressions of interest is available at: