With consumers continuing to drive demand for sustainability across the property sector, our sustainability consultants support you in protecting the value of your assets by identifying opportunities for improvement, as well as avoiding potential environmental liabilities.

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience offering services that cover a wide range of real estate, merger and acquisition transactions. Our expertise ensures that we deliver trusted, commercially minded property services that aim to evaluate the potential environmental liabilities and risk associated with your transaction, whilst also highlighting sustainability opportunities.

Key Services

  • Property Environmental Due Diligence:
    Desk Study and Phase I Environmental Assessments
    Post transaction advice and support
    Pre divestment advice and preparation of vendor due diligence reports.
  • Mergers & Acquisition Environmental Due Diligence:
    Site Environmental Assessments
    Legal compliance assessment, including assessment against international standards and practices, where applicable.
    Data room review
    Negotiation support
  • Sustainability Assessments
    Focused on the needs of building users, as well as funders and investors
  • Energy Performance Certificates
    Level 3 & 4 Compliance & EPCs for England, Wales & Scotland.
    Section 63 Action Plans
    Display Energy Certificates (DEC)