ITPEnergised takes its environmental obligations seriously. As an environmental advisor on decarbonisation to our clients, we recognise that we have the ability to make a difference.

We therefore encourage environmentally sound and energy aware practices both within and out of the office. In line with our independently certified ISO 14001 environmental policy, we have set up several processes across our UK offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and London to support the aims of quantifying, understanding, reducing and monitoring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

ITPEnergised is committed to operating in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and industry best practice pertinent to our services. We have dedicated environmental specialist consultants in-house who ensure that the company is aware of its current and future legal obligations.

Our GHG emissions are calculated in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol:

  • Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard;
  • Scope 2 Guidance; and
  • Scope 3 Guidance.

Since January 2023 we include the estimated emissions associated with the consultancy services provided to our clients in our invoices. Using the total emissions and turnover for the previous financial year we calculate an average figure in kgCO2e/£ which is then used to estimate the emissions associated with the services invoiced to our clients.

While we acknowledge that; in some cases and depending on the services provided; this may represent an over/underestimate of the actual emissions associated with a specific project; it allows our clients to better quantify their Scope 3 emissions (those associated with the purchased consultancy services provided by ITPEnergised).

The breakdown of our emissions for financial year 2021/2022 are as follows: