Understanding the feasibility and risks associated with energy projects and assets is fundamental to commercial decision making. Furthermore, having confidence in the optimised operation of assets in ownership is critical for the long-term value of the assets.

Our Expertise

ITPEnergised’s technical due diligence support provides clients with the confidence that the asset will perform as expected, as part of an EPC negotiation, transaction, investment or refinancing. Our Asset Management team take the headaches out of the day to day running of sites, maximising both technical and financial performance.

We work with our clients to achieve the successful acquisition of low and zero carbon projects through our expert and pragmatic advice, backed by our operational experience of asset managing onshore wind and solar projects.

Key Services

  • Technical Asset Management ensuring assets are maintained and operating at optimised in performance and minimise downtime, including daily monitoring of sites, site inspections and the timely resolution of any technical issues.
  • Financial Asset Management managing all contractual arrangements to increase revenues and minimise OPEX; manage landowner and council planning relationships; and provide monthly reporting including P&L.
  • Technical Due Diligence providing advice during pre-construction and operational phases based on property and planning, grid, energy yield, programme, warranties and contracts. Technologies include onshore and offshore wind, rooftop and ground mount solar PV, battery energy storage, biomass, heat pumps; at scales from a few kilowatts up to portfolios of multi megawatt wind farms and large solar farms.
  • Technical Advisory/Client’s Engineer supporting our clients with project delivery, including programme and technology review, managing and mitigating risk, contract reviews, and witnessing testing and commissioning.
  • Solar Design designing rooftop and ground mounted solar assets to maximise yield within site constraints, providing bankable yield figures.



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Onshore Wind Portfolio

ITPEnergised is providing asset management services for operational wind energy projects from 500kW to 11MW at sites across the UK. Read more...