Power systems modelling and analysis allows us to create a model of an electrical network in software then simulate operation to analyse operating conditions, check equipment rating, simulate abnormal conditions such as faults and assess the impact of future changes to a network before implementation.

Our Expertise

Power systems modelling and analysis can be performed from the feasibility stage of a project through all subsequent project stages to compliance testing and energisation. We use DigSilent/PowerFactory, PSS/E, EMTDC/PSCAD, Python and MATLAB software and can support your projects to optimise design, reducing effort and expense.

Key Services

  • Load flow studies and reactive power capability, compensation equipment specification and optimisation.
  • Short circuit (fault level), equipment rating.
  • Transient network strength studies and stability (SCR, weak grid).
  • Electrical losses (and design optimisation of electrical losses).
  • Grid Code compliance tests, studies and model validation.
  • Cable rating, including offshore dynamic cable rating.
  • Network constraint modelling.


Research and Development Services

Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration