Capability Statement

Power Systems Analysis

net zero consultant

ITPEnergised is an international consultancy with expertise in undertaking power systems modelling and analysis of renewable projects and the wider electrical systems into which they are integrated. 

The power systems team can support all phases of a project from feasibility to as built compliance, ongoing compliance and support of assets.  The team has substantial depth of knowledge of power systems design and grid code compliance requirements supported by capability with major power systems analysis tools including: DigSilent PowerFactory, PSS/E, PSCAD, MATLAB, Python.

The team use power systems models to develop high level project design concepts, undertake detailed project design, define equipment specifications and demonstrate grid code compliance. 

The team can advise regarding electrical system design considering, harmonics, losses, availability, redundancy and operational considerations.

The team has substantial experience implementing dynamic and EMT models including building models from scratch as well as working with OEM turbine and equipment models.

Our services include:

Renewable generation grid connection services for onshore, offshore and hybrid renewables

  • Load flow studies
  • Reactive power capability, compensation equipment specification and optimization
  • Short circuit (fault level), equipment rating
  • Network strength requirements (weak grid and SCR assessments)
  • Electrical losses (and design optimization of electrical losses)
  • Transformer specification
  • Harmonics including filter specification
  • Resonance including sub synchronous control interaction (SSCI)
  • Transient (EMT)/ dynamic analysis (fault ride through, inrush, voltage control, frequency response)
  • Design reliability
  • Grid code compliance tests, studies and model validation
  • Cable rating, including offshore dynamic cable rating

Grid network and renewable integration

  • Contingency analysis and identification of reinforcements requirements and constraints
  • Generator and network dynamic stability

Download the Capability Statement PDF here.