Our team of expert EIA and ESIA practitioners provides you with assistance and advice for all stages of development across a wide range of sectors, linking with technical experts within ITPEnergised and externally.

Our Expertise

At the feasibility stage of proposed developments, we can provide high-level or in-depth environmental constraints analyses of sites to aid with site selection or design optimisation.

Our team supports your development ambitions by ensuring that EIAs / ESIAs are accurately and robustly scoped with consenting authorities, so that all relevant environmental topics are assessed while all unnecessary assessments are excluded. We collaborate with internal and external technical specialists, as well as statutory and non-statutory consultees, to provide comprehensive EIA / ESIA Reports (or Environmental Statements). Where necessary, we propose appropriate mitigation measures to remove, reduce or offset potential environmental effects.

We also provide support for projects which do not require full EIA or ESIA but do need management of individual environmental assessments. Our team works with you in the post-application stages through assistance with planning condition discharge, support at planning appeals and public inquiries, and environmental management of demolition and construction operations.

Key Services

  • Site feasibility assessments.
  • GIS-based constraints analysis.
  • EIA / ESIA Screening and Scoping.
  • Statutory and non-statutory consultation.
  • EIA / ESIA project management.
  • Collation of EIA / ESIA Reports / Environmental Statements.
  • Critical review of EIA Reports / Environmental Statements.
  • Support / attendance at public exhibitions.
  • Post-submission support and negotiation.
  • Planning appeal and Public Inquiry support.
  • Support in discharging planning conditions.
  • Shadow flicker assessment (for onshore wind).
  • Construction Environmental Management Planning 
  • Environmental Clerk of Works
  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) planning.
  • Comparative assessments for Oil & Gas decommissioning.
Associated Services Ecology & Ornithology, Air Quality & Acoustic Impacts, Flooding & Hydrology



Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage

Environmental Impact Assessment

Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration