The pattern of UK construction activity is being reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. As construction workloads are rebuilt over the next two years, the best performing sectors will differ from those prior to the outbreak and the types of opportunities are also likely to evolve.

Our Expertise

We help you to overcome construction environmental challenges, realise environmental benefits and improve the general culture around how a project interacts with the environment during the construction phase.

Key Services

  • Consent and Environmental Managers our integrated multi-disciplinary team is able to cover all the environmental, sustainability and consent requirements of the project with extensive experience in major infrastructure works and procedure.
  • Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works our ECoWs are pragmatic and approachable. We understand the importance of programme and milestones on a construction site, and the implications that environmental/ecological management recommendations and mandates can have on these.
  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) our in-house team of ecologists will assist in planning for biodiversity on your scheme in order to meet legal and planning requirements, and support your ESG credentials.
  • Water Quality and Flood Risk we have resources available across the UK who work together as one seamless team to respond to complex and varying construction needs.
  • Construction Monitoring Services we focus on improving environmental monitoring on a project/programme, helping to deliver savings and efficiencies in time, cost and resources.


Ecology and Ornithology

Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration

Construction Environmental Management

Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration