Capability Statement

Geo-Environmental Phase I Assessments

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"Very much a trusted advisor, who always offer a pragmatic and honest solution"

ITPEnergised is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, reliable, commercially minded, environmental and energy consulting services.

Our team has extensive experience in providing Geo-Environmental Phase I Assessments for a wide range of development projects from housing to infrastructure.

The aim of the Geo-Environmental Phase I is to provide a preliminary assessment of any potential geotechnical and environmental issues would could impact on your aspirations for a site.   

We assist clients in understanding their environmental risk, in order to add value to their redevelopment works.

Whether it be supporting your planning application or undertaking an initial feasibility assessment, a Geo-Environmental Phase I is a crucial part of your decision making process.

ITPEnergised understands that all sites are different and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke assessment for your development in an accessible and technically robust manner.

Our Geo-Environmental Phase I assessments include:

  • An appraisal of the current site use and condition,
  • A review of the history of the site and surrounding,
  • A review of geological, soils, mining, hydrological, and hydrogeological information,
  • Consultation with regulatory bodies,
  • Classification of the site sensitivity and identification of receptors,
  • Analysis of identified and potential issues,
  • Evaluation of the significance of any identified issues,
  • Fomentation of a preliminary Site Conceptual Model and Environmental Risk Assessment; and
  • Presentation of recommendations for any further investigations or actions to clarify, mitigate or manage risks.

At ITPEnergised we also have a team of wider specialists who can provide technical inputs to your development including Ecology, Noise, Air Quality, Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Planning Support. 

Download the Geo-Environmental Phase I Assessments Capability Statement PDF here.