The business model for many developments is based on the rapid passage of potential sites through the funnel of uncertainty – turning potential opportunities into projects. Our team ensures successful delivery across your programmes and projects.

Our Expertise

We manage the selection and prioritisation of opportunities through the funnel and then control resources and projects to meet your strategic objectives. 

By providing a complete view of the pipeline we advise when to reinforce success or to sacrifice a project in favour of portfolio completion. We provide the reporting and forecasting tools and outputs, letting you concentrate on your strategic business focus.

Key Services

  • Organising and leading the team to achieve agreed objectives and targets.
  • Developing the portfolio roadmap, aligned and prioritised, to deliver your strategic and business objectives.
  • Creating and managing the Portfolio Plan.
  • Establishing and managing a suitable governance framework to balance project and portfolio development including identifying and managing Portfolio Risks (e.g. resource availability, permitting & regulatory developments, and investment constraints).
  • Developing the portfolio team building and nurturing inter- and intra-relationships across client and stakeholder organisations.
  • Drawing upon Technical Leads for design, regulatory, asset management, and due diligence to provide assurance, governance and methodology, to meet gateways and define success.
  • Maintaining a whole portfolio overview.
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary expertise for appropriate stages of the development.
  • Providing the necessary project capability to support delivery of your business objectives.
  • Identifying Lessons Learned and harnessing Learning from Experience (LfE) across the portfolio. 
  • Delivering a complex series of related projects, effectively managing their interdependencies and allocating resources to support prioritised opportunities.



Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration


Onshore Wind Portfolio

ITPEnergised is providing asset management services for operational wind energy projects from 500kW to 11MW at sites across the UK. Read more...