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ITPEnergised (ITPE) was formed when Energised Environments Limited acquired Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited. ITPE is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, commercially minded, energy and environmental consulting services to clients in onshore & offshore energy, transport & infrastructure, property and corporate sectors.

Our clients tell us that our service is different. We have strong corporate credentials, a first class in- house team, supported by the best technical sub- consultants we know based on our experience, allowing us to adapt our offering to each geography and the specifics of every project, on a case-by-case basis.

By understanding our clients’ expectations, financing and attitude to risk, we aim to optimise our project approach to achieve the stated outcomes and ultimately, a deliverable and buildable project.

Our capabilities

We work in both the ground- and commercial roof-mounted arrays. In addition to our feasibility, technical and commercial due diligence and planning services, we also offer a number of specific services to the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Our services for solar PV clients include:

  • Site selection and screening
  • Yield evaluation and assessment
  • Site irradiance levels and expected yield together with performance ratio calculations, high-level physical and planning constraints assessment
  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Building orientation
  • Building and roof material fabric
  • Associated building energy consumption
  • Overshading assessment
  • Planning and environmental assessment.
  • Building energy performance certificate (EPC) rating as applicable
  • Asset management

Many solar projects either do not come under the EIA threshold requirements or are not likely to lead to significant environmental effects. Where appropriate we will undertake screening to confirm the need, or not, for an EIA with the relevant planning authority. Where a scheme does not require a full EIA, we will work with the client and planning authority to provide the necessary environmental assessments to meet planning application validation requirements.

Selected project experience

Abbey Fields technical due diligence

Alpha Real Capital

Yield assessment due diligence
Acting for Alpha Real Capital, ITPE provided a detailed technical due diligence assessment for the proposed acquisition of Abbey Fields
5 MW solar site in Kent. The scope of the project included a full assessment of all planning and lease conditions, supporting the investor with EPC selection, a review of grid connection agreements, ground conditions, yield assessment report and liaison with the site developers.

Autarke Holding AG   

ITPE was commissioned to undertake a yield assessment for an 18.4 MW ground-mounted array in the south of England. In addition, we were also asked to undertake an independent peer review of previously commissioned yield assessment reports.

Yield assessment comparison

Autarke Holding AG 

ITPE was commissioned by Autarke Holding AG to review the yield assessment calculations for a 10.8 MW site in eastern England as part of EPC pricing negotiations.

New Mains of Guynd irradiance assessment

BWE Partnership    

ITPE was commissioned by BWE Partnership to undertake a detailed independent irradiance assessment for the consented 12 MW solar scheme located near Arbroath, Scotland.

Brook Hall Farm & Stokes Marsh Farm irradiance assessment

South West Solar

ITPE was commissioned to undertake an irradiance assessment for the proposed developments of a 14 MW array at Stokes Marsh Farm and Brook Hall Farm, both in Wiltshire. Stokes Marsh Farm has now progressed to sale and Brook Hall Farm is to be submitted for planning consent.

Brook Hall Farm solar park design

South West Solar   

ITPE was commissioned to undertake the preliminary design for the proposed 7 MW Brook Hall Farm solar park. The preliminary design was developed as part of the planning application and included preliminary design & layout, single line diagram showing the proposed electrical configuration and general overview of the system including modules, inverters and transformers.

The farm configuration proposal included mounting frame and panel elevation, fence elevation, inverter elevation, transformer elevation and PvSyst simulation.

Solar portfolio planning and grid applications

LEV Energy   

ITPE was commissioned by LEV Energy to undertake full planning and grid applications for six 5 MW ground-mounted solar PV projects in Scotland.

The scope of work included: irradiance assessments; flood risk assessments; ecology assessments; landscape & visual impact assessments; grid route optioneering and grid connection applications; glint & glare assessments; regulatory engagement; public exhibitions and support on landowner negotiations.

Phase 1 habitat surveys

Livos Energy 

ITPE has been commissioned by Livos Energy to undertake phase 1 habitat surveys, (including amphibian habitat suitability index survey) for numerous 5 MW projects in southern and north-west England.

Castle Kennedy ecology surveys

Elgin Energy

ITPE was commissioned by Elgin Energy to undertake a protected species survey for a proposed 15 MW ground-mounted array at Castle Kennedy. The survey was undertaken to record and map evidence of protected mammal species present within the site and wider study area, in order to facilitate the identification of potential constraints to development of the site, and identify additional mitigation and/or further survey work required.

Commercial roof solar PV development

W.N. Lindsay 

ITPE has been working with W.N. Lindsay, one of Scotland’s oldest and leading grain merchants, to assess the suitability for their facilities in Scotland to deploy solar PV to meet the company’s energy demand. The scope included irradiance assessments, grid and planning applications, design inputs and EPC engagement.

Roof and ground array feasibility assessment

Binn Farm 

ITPE, in conjunction with Farming the Sun, is developing a feasibility and outline design for a 5-7 MW ground-mounted solar array to be located around a consented wind farm. The project will be one of the largest ground-mounted arrays in Scotland. In addition, an assessment of a 500 kW commercial roof scheme has been undertaken. The project is now progressing to final design.