ITPEnergised welcomes and supports Charles Hendry’s final report on his review of tidal lagoons, published today

12 January 2017

ITPEnergised welcomes and supports Charles Hendry’s final report on his review of tidal lagoons, published today. Acting as technical advisors to the Hendry Review, ITPEnergised and its team of consultants and independent experts provided technical analysis and recommendations, based on the submissions received under the Review’s call for evidence. We hope that Hendry’s recommendations are positively received by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Hendry’s key conclusion is “that tidal lagoons would help deliver security of supply; they would assist in delivering our decarbonisation commitments; and they would bring real and substantial opportunities for the UK supply chain …….. (and) they could play a competitive role as part of the UK’s energy mix alongside low carbon energy from nuclear and offshore wind.”


Hendry’s report also supports for the other marine renewable energy technologies, wave and tidal stream. The UK is leading the world in developing these technologies and has one of the world’s most abundant marine energy resources. Wave and tidal stream energy extraction could complement a fleet of tidal lagoons around the UK, helping to provide a low carbon and predictable energy supply. In his review, Hendry concludes;

  • Marine energy technologies offer an energy opportunity where the UK can reasonably aspire to be the global leader, with some substantial supply chain opportunities to match it.
  • If the UK is to commit to a new source of power generation, then I consider it absolutely essential that it should also bring wider and long-term economic benefits to the country, rather than imposing charges on consumers’ bills where the economic benefits go to businesses overseas.
  • I would urge the Government to look at these opportunities not just in tidal lagoons but for marine renewable energy more generally.… the UK should be promoted as a centre of global excellence and opportunity for the development of all marine energy technologies.


ITPEnergised was appointed by the Review as technical advisers, under the Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), previously DECC’s, Technical Specialist Framework. The ITPEnergised team included expert engineers and environmental consultants from ITPEnergised and Xero Energy, supported by individual experts Professors Roger Falconer and Chris Binnie.

On completion of the project, David Nickols, the project’s director and Director of ITPEnergised, said;

“It has been a pleasure working closely with and supporting the Hendry Review. Our team of expert engineers has carried out vital research covering the wide range of topics in relation to tidal lagoons in support of the Hendry Review.”