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Shetland Space Centre Planning Application Lodged

26 January 2021


ITPEnergised is pleased to have delivered the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for Shetland Space Centre, a vertical launch spaceport to be used to launch small satellites into either polar or sun-synchronous, low-earth orbits from the island of Unst, Shetland.

The report, submitted to Shetland Islands Council in January 2021 as part of the major planning proposal for the development, is the culmination of over two years of detailed environmental assessment and sets out the likely significant environmental effects of the Proposed Development and the controls in place to minimise and mitigate those effects.

Provision is made for the construction of three launch pads and associated infrastructure incorporating a satellite tracking facility, hangarage and integration facilities, the creation of a range control centre at the former RAF Saxa Vord complex, use of the fuel storage facility at Ordale Airport at Baltasound, and significant improvements to the launch sites’ approach roads. The proposals also include the building of a wildlife hide at Lamba Ness to help facilitate enhanced public access for the enjoyment of bird and orca watching.

The launch facility will eventually create circa 140 jobs on Unst and inject at least £4.9m per annum into the island’s economy. It will provide a further 70 jobs throughout Shetland, adding a further £2.9m in gross value per annum to the economy.

Scott Hammond, Shetland Space Centre project director, comments:

“As the nominated site for the UK Pathfinder Launch, part of LaunchUK, Shetland is front and centre in this new space sector for the UK. Sovereign launch is expected to help the UK win 10% of the global space market, creating well paid jobs throughout the UK. We also hope that it will encourage young people to choose this exciting industry as a career. We at Shetland Space Centre are determined to bring this to a reality with our first orbital launch scheduled for 2022.”

“We believe our proposals will help regenerate Unst by providing skilled jobs and helping with repopulation that can only benefit the social fabric, including the school, health centre and small businesses.”

“The unique nature of this development meant we were looking for people who could adapt their skills to a new environment and were not afraid of learning something new outside of their comfort zone. ITPEnergised proved to be our perfect partner, bringing their established credentials whilst remaining sensitive to the development’s peculiar needs. Working as a close team I believe we have produced an outstanding EIA Report that will serve as an exemplar to the wider space industry”.


For more information on this project, please see the Shetland Space Centre website:

The planning application documents can be viewed via the Shetland Islands Council Planning Portal: