A trusted advisor through your Grid Connection journey

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Grid connections into the UK electricity grid have become increasingly complex and expensive, with significant wait times.

ITPEnergised, UK grid connection consultants have a range of offerings to aid you throughout the development of your electricity connections project, from early pre-application in-house feasibility studies and Wide Area Network studies, through preparation of the connection application documentation, through to connection offer review and the holistic project due diligence review where our Grid team will put together a comprehensive project review as part of the wider Technology Services Team, and also in conjunction with the Environmental Planning and Advisory Services teams.

Our technical advisors offer a tailored approach to suit you and your projects requirements on a case-by-case basis, with a range of deliverables including; an in-depth investigation of grid connection costs and timescales, highlighting potential reinforcements relevant to your site that you should be aware of, preparation of connection application paperwork, management of the application process with the relevant DNO and National Grid as required, in-depth or high-level reviews of connection offers including commentary from team members with relevant DNO experience, reviews of existing connection agreements to aid you in identifying significant project risks.

ITPEnergised is here to help your projects succeed when connecting to the electricity grid. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your Grid Connection or wider tech or engineering requirements, please contact Head of Technology, Brian Branney on