Capability Statement

Air Quality

environmental consultant
“I have used the services of key personnel at ITPEnergised over a number of years and will continue to engage them as my preferred choice for environmental consultancy. I have the utmost confidence in their expertise and professionalism.” Andrew McMurtle, CEO, Stoerhouse Highlands

ITPEnergised is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, reliable, commercially minded, environmental and energy consulting services. Our first-class in-house team of air quality consultants has worked across many sectors with a diverse client base including, house builders and property developers, local authorities and government, industrial and manufacturing companies and energy developers and producers.

Our expert air quality consultants can help you at all stages of your project from an initial constraints review to completion of complex air quality assessments for submission with planning and permitting applications.  We also offer post‐submission support including preparation of management plans and annual reporting and provide monitoring and environmental management during construction. 

We work with a range of clients, including:

  • Skyrora: Space Technologies
  • Cala Homes
  • Bakkavor
  • Diageo
  • Simec Atlantis
  • Local Authorities
  • Planning Consultancies

Our services include:

  • Air quality impact assessment
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Habitats assessment
  • Odour monitoring, modelling and assessment
  • Dust monitoring, modelling and assessment
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Emissions inventories
  • Stack emissions testing
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Local air quality management
  • Planning  application support
  • Assessment of  accidental and jet releases
  • Modelling of fires and flares
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme Compliance
  • Greenhouse Gas reporting and Verification
  • Expert Witness

Download the Capability Statement PDF here.