The ITPEnergised Group is a world-leading consultancy offering energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services in more than 150 countries for over 35 years. Our team has a wealth of international experience working with a wide variety of clients and sectors and on projects of all scales. Globally, we attract experts in all aspects of renewable energy.


Based in the UK, ITPEnergised was formed following the acquisition of ITPE Limited (formerly known as ITPower Consulting Limited) by Energised Environments Limited.
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ITP Renewables

Based in Australia, IT Power (Australia) Pty Ltd, trading as ITP Renewables, leads projects in Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia and works collaboratively with other group companies in other regions.
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ITP Thermal

ITP Thermal Pty Ltd is also headquartered in Australia, but provides leadership in thermal and chemical energy related projects globally for the ITPEnergised Group, working closely with the other group companies.
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