Engineering Services

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ITPEnergised offers a popular and mature engineering service. As well as being specialist grid advisors for well over a decade, we also have our own dedicated engineering team and have been active across the whole GB system for many years. We can quickly become a natural extension of your team on engineering projects that matter to you. This short video summarises our engineering services and expertise.

The energy industry and grid network is adapting to emerging technologies and hybrid solutions for generation and grid support. At any stage of the engineering design process we can provide support from technology choices, routing and site selection, system design, drawing support, equipment selection and specification writing and design due diligence. We are passionate about innovation and will consider ways to enhance your project operation or efficiency. We are a multidisciplined engineering team with a proven track record in electrical, mechanical, civil, protection and control design.

Please get in touch with Peter Lo, Head of Onshore Renewables & Storage Sector or Jean Lewis, Head of Technology if you need any further information or support.