We work with you as your trusted advisor to help ensure that the systems implemented to manage risks work effectively throughout the lifecycle of your asset or facility. Risk Control is the critical final step of any Safety Assurance process; allowing you to ensure and demonstrate safe and effective operations on an ongoing basis.


Our Expertise

We use our knowledge and experience of engineering, operations, management systems and human behaviour to help you monitor the effectiveness of your risk management arrangements. We help you take all reasonably practicable steps to optimise and continuously improve your systems on an ongoing basis, drawing on operational feedback, lessons learned and technological advances. By doing this we help you demonstrate effective risk control and prove your status as a safe and responsible developer, supplier, owner, operator or investor.

Key Services

  • Asset Integrity Management.
  • Independent Review and Verification.
  • Competence Management.
  • Culture and Behavioural Safety.


CDM 2015 Principal Designer

Corporate, Industrial & Manufacturing | Offshore Wind & Marine Renewables | Oil & Gas Transition | Onshore Renewables & Storage | Property & Urban Regeneration


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