Capability Statement

Hydrology & Hydrogeology  

environmental consultant

ITPEnergised has a wide range of experience in providing hydrology and hydrogeology services across a variety of project developments and sectors, from feasibility and scoping through to application and post-consent construction. We have experience of assessing hydrology and hydrogeology receptors for developments across UK and Ireland, working closely with geology, ecology and other environmental specialists at ITPEnergised.

We regularly undertake EIA assessments across a range of developments; comprising desk-based assessment of hydrological and hydrogeological receptors supported by site-based surveys.

In addition, we undertake technical assessments relating to drainage, preliminary flood risk, Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTE) and Private Water Supplies.

We are also experienced at providing Groundwater Risk Assessments for a range of greenfield and brownfield sites, which will summarise and assess surrounding hydrological receptors, potential impacts and any mitigation required.

We also have experience undertaking assessment of peatlands. Alongside peat depth and condition surveys we can provide drainage and hydrological unit assessment from interpretation of aerial and LiDAR sources.

In addition to our pre-consent work, we can undertake post-consent water quality monitoring to fulfil development planning conditions. Water quality monitoring can be undertaken by ITPEnergised at all stages of monitoring; baseline, construction and post-construction. Site work include measuring in situ parameters before water sampling and laboratory testing. These results are assessed and summarised within monthly reports, with recommendations to ensure water quality conditions are met.

We cover a range of sectors and developments:

  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Energy Transmission
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Residential and Urban Developments

Our services include:

  • Hydrological and Hydrogeological Assessments including EIA and Environmental Baseline Studies.
  • Private Water Supply Risk Assessment
  • GWDTE Risk Assessment
  • Groundwater Risk Assessments
  • Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Peatland Hydrology Assessment and Peatland Restoration Advice

Download the Hydrology & Hydrogeology Capability Statement PDF here.