ITPEnergised Appointed as Wave Energy Scotland’s Third-Party, Engineering Design Advisors

ITPEnergised (formerly IT Power Consulting) have been appointed by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to act as independent, third-party advisors to WES for the engineering design workstreams of the 2nd stage of WES’s Novel Wave Energy Converter (NWEC) programme.

The NWEC competition is focused on characterising and developing the device prime mover and structure of novel wave energy converter concepts. The objective of NWEC’s Stage 2 is to optimise the availability, survivability, and operations and maintenance capabilities of the team’s concepts, so that following increasingly scrutinised engineering analysis the design has maintained its potential to have a significant impact in the sector.
ITPEnergised will review each of the four teams engineering design activities including Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR) of the full-scale concept designs, and Critical Design Reviews (CDR) for FEED designs of the small sea-going prototypes to ensure that they have been produced to an appropriate standard.

The target outcome for the engineering design activities of Stage 2 is confirmation that the proposed device is a technically credible, well-engineered solution which is a significant improvement on the current state of the art, and will have a significant impact in the sector.

ITPEnergised’s Offshore Group Manager, Ned Minns, said “We fully endorse WES’s approach to providing R&D support to the wave energy sector and we are looking forward to starting work on this series of engineering reviews under the Novel Wave Energy Converter competition. The sector has survived an arduous journey and we are hopeful that this initiative will help to take the industry forward, closer to commercialisation.”

ITPEnergised is a leading international consultancy offering renewable energy, natural resources, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and asset management services for clients with onshore and offshore projects.
ITPEnergised’s expertise in offshore energy projects dates back to 1991 and this experience in the sector allows the company to offer comprehensive, technical consultancy on offshore engineering design and due diligence. ITPE offers a range of project support services to project developers as well as providing strategic advice to private clients on their market business plans and governmental agencies on their techno-economic feasibility assessments for offshore energy.
NB: Following Energised Environments Limited’s (EEL) acquisition of Bristol-based IT Power Consulting Limited (ITPCL) in mid-2016, the merged businesses have been re-branded as ITPEnergised.

Wave Energy Scotland
Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Highland and Islands Enterprise (HIE) – funded by the Scottish Government – and is taking an innovative approach to supporting the commercialisation of the wave energy sector. What makes WES unique is its long-term commitment to the sector: WES is awarding contracts for innovative technology development activities that focus on proving technology and engineering quality and will support these activities until the technical and commercial risks are low enough for private investment to re-enter the sector.

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