ITPEnergised celebrates 10 years!

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ITPEnergised was founded ten years ago, in July 2013, with a vision of establishing a relationship-focused renewable energy consultancy. A decade on, we are proud of how far we’ve come and what we have achieved.. Our journey began humbly, offering Environmental Impact Assessments on onshore wind projects, from a small Edinburgh office. By the end of our first year, we had eight team members. Today, we have a team of one hundred technical professionals spread across the UK and overseas and have successfully executed thousands of complex renewable energy projects, contributing to gigawatts of capacity both domestically and internationally.

We asked the five team members still with us from Day 1 to share some thoughts and memories on this company milestone.

Jonny Clark, Managing DirectorI vividly remember the excitement of walking into our new Edinburgh office on Day 1, 1st July 2013, after months of graft getting us to start-up. Whilst we’ve expanded well beyond that small office, I still get a buzz seeing and hearing the activity around the business, and always really enjoy talking to our clients and the co-professionals we work with. It’s never been dull over the last 10 years. If there’s one thing that has been constant as we’ve ridden the rollercoaster of geo-political, macro-economic and global pandemic impacts, is that it’s all about people and relationships. I often reflect that we’re fortunate in our industry to work overwhelmingly with and for genuinely good people. Looking forward to more of that.”

Jenny Hazzard, Head of Environmental PlanningThe first of July 2013 (Canada Day, incidentally) was a pretty special day. Energised Environments, as it was then, opened for business. We had a cake and a little celebration – I remember feeling a bit giddy, a bit nervous, but mostly excited to just get going. It felt like a big adventure, and the great thing is it still does. It’s impossible to choose a single highlight from our first ten years. I’m tremendously proud of all the work we’ve done, the reputation we’ve built, and the relationships we’ve made with our fantastic clients and co-professionals. Our Christmas parties have been pretty epic too. Like others have said, it’s all about the people, and I feel so lucky to have spent the past ten years working, thinking, learning and laughing with such a tremendous group of people. Onward and upward for the next ten.

Andrew Bright, Operations DirectorIs it really 10 years? The time has flown by, which I think is a really good thing, as it means I am still enjoying myself! It seems like yesterday that we embarked on this venture and so much has changed. Not only in the business, but in the markets that we operate and the clients that we work with. It is amazing to also see that we are still working with so many of our clients from 10 years ago, which is testament to the team of people we have in the business and the relationships we have built. It feels like we are part of a very established market now, which even 10 years ago, was perhaps not the case. There has definitely been bumps on the road but with our fantastic team and great clients, we have managed to navigate our way through them. Never complacent and there will always be challenges ahead, and that is in many ways, what makes it fun. Looking forward to the next 10, seeing our team thrive and making a positive contribution to the energy transition.”

Anna Hudson, Associate “It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years! What is really special to me at ITPEnergised are the people, from Day 1 to Day 3,650, I have always loved how friendly, helpful, hard working, approachable and fun my colleagues are. One of my favourite memories was getting a text from a client whilst having breakfast at home with a picture of the first turbine being erected on a site I had worked on from initial scoping right the way through to determination. I was so overwhelmed that my children asked what had happenedthey made me a card that day which they got their whole school class to sign, which said ‘I am so glad that your wind mill got put up’. So am I and continue to be with every project that gets consent and constructed.

Todd Law, Head of FinanceI was approached by Jonny to join his new venture in April 2013 but initially turned him down! My concerns about being the only “outsider” in the new company were of course totally unfounded and here I am 10 years later. Thank you for persevering with me (and continuing to persevere!) Jonny and Team! My early memories are of us all pitching in and helping out with everything such as buying the biscuits, being the receptionist and taking the compost bin on the train home! As well as looking after the pennies, I have loved organising lots of staff Step Challenges, an online Christmas Party Quiz and a successful Plastic Challenge, doing our bit for the net zero transition. The 10 years have flown in and growing from a team of 10 to a team of 100 has been a huge achievement – cheers to everyone in contributing to our past and future successes!