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ITPEnergised partners with Beyond Blue Accelerator programme

ITPEnergised has recently partnered with pH3 Capital Ventures on the launch of its Beyond Blue Accelerator programme. Developed to accelerate the blue green economy, this is the first funded ports and maritime accelerator for startups in the UK.

The global blue economy is estimated widely to be worth in excess of $5t by 2030, more than doubling in size from now. The ports and maritime sector sits at the nexus of the blue and green economies, and this sector alone contributes over £116bn to the UK economy facilitating over 95% of the UK’s international trade and 90% of trade globally.

The Beyond Blue Accelerator taps into this blue and green tech growth opportunity being driven by a sector rapidly shifting to modernise legacy operations through innovation, digital transformation and developing more sustainable products, services, infrastructure and tech solutions which are less carbon intensive.

With its vision to be the UK’s leading early-stage investor for the ports and maritime space, pH3 Capital Ventures through its Beyond Blue Accelerator, will work with an inaugural cohort of 12 high-potential startups to build sustainable, successful businesses. Qualifying startups will receive funding as well as 12 months’ hands-on support, training and mentoring from ITPEnergised’s trusted technical advisors, other industry experts and an investor network.

ITPEnergised’s Operations Director Andrew Bright explains why we have come on board to support this initiative.

Why was the Beyond Blue Accelerator an initiative ITPEnergised wanted to be part of?

We are passionate about net zero and this impacts all sectors, and to ensure we can deliver the UK’s Net Zero ambitions, we need innovation. Beyond Blue Accelerator provides an opportunity for innovation from new businesses to be part of this revolution and as a trusted technical advisor, ITPEnergised is working with innovative businesses, funders and developers to deliver this change. Being part of the Beyond Blue Accelerator, fits with our values and business ambitions. 

What’s the role of marine technology when it comes to Net Zero? 

The marine environment is integral to delivering a net zero future, whether it is offshore power generation, the production and storage of hydrogen connected to offshore generation, or the decarbonising of marine vessel propulsion systems. If we can’t decarbonise both primary energy sources and the flow of goods around the world, we will struggle to meet our UK and global ambitions to reduce greenhouse gases. Marine technology is one of the many keys needed to unlock this ambition. 

ITPEnergised offer a lot of trend thinking. What’s the trend that startups looking to go to market in 2023 need to pay attention to? 

At a macro level, the trend we are seeing that cuts across all technologies and sectors, is the increasing need to be digitally connected and how technologies and solutions integrate. Working together and connecting solutions virtually, will provide the ability to optimise the use of different platforms to achieve Net Zero. Startups need to think about this at the outset.

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