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Lights, camera, action! ITPEnergised on screen.

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ITPEnergised recently featured in Executive TV’s “Working Towards a Healthier Environment” programme showcasing companies in the UK that are helping to facilitate the net zero transition. The background for the programme is explained in this introduction from Executive TV :

There is a renewed focus across government, businesses, and society towards a more healthy, sustainable and improved environment. The way in which we source energy is undergoing a major transition. Moving away from a reliance on hydrocarbons and understanding the challenges of pollution and the catastrophic damage to our communities it is clear a new approach is imperative for a cleaner more sustainable future. These topics and their solutions will be the focus of Executive TV’s latest special programme, “Working Towards a Healthier Environment”, featuring discussion and analyses from key industry experts.

Andrew Bright, ITPEnergised Operations Director discusses the progress the renewables industry has made

The team had a great day with the crew, spending time at the Glasgow office as well as taking a visit out to a local windfarm to highlight the great work our Asset Management team do.

You can watch a recording of the programme here, and see contributions from Andrew Bright, Operations Director at 01:03, 13:53 and 20:38, from Peter Lo, Head of Onshore Renewables at 08:06 and 19:58, Sam Goodman, Learning and Development Manager at 24:36, and Niamh Hurley, Senior Consultant at 25:32.

A shorter introductory film is shown below.

An introduction to ITPEnergised