Net Zero Accelerator ®

net zero accelerator

One of ITPEnergised core founding values is innovation and we are delighted to launch our digitally enabled consulting and digital products platform, The Net Zero Accelerator ® (NZA) today.

We are passionate about net zero, so we are especially excited that harnessing the power of digital through use of our platform will help accelerate our client journeys to net zero across all of our services and sectors.  To set ourselves a minimum standard, we have sought to reduce time, cost and friction in our applications by at least 50x compared to conventional non digital approaches. Our applications are used in exclusive conjunction with our consulting services and cover such questions as: 

  • what will grid charges be in the future?
  • how can I optimise offshore and onshore cable configuration and sizing to help save on capex and losses?
  • where are the best returns for solar and wind sites?
  • how can I reconfigure my existing renewables site to increase value?
  • and other many applications that are currently coming through our digital development pipeline.

More information on the Net Zero Accelerator ® is available here and by watching our introductory video below –

Introducing the Net Zero Accelerator®

Please contact Peter Lo, Digital Strategy and Innovation Director for a demo at To accompany the launch of the NZA, Peter has also written a 8-part Thought Leadership series on Human Innovation – please take a look.