Onshore Wind Insights Series – Part 3 Grid Connections

grid connections

Ahead of the Scottish Renewables Onshore Wind Conference 2023, ITPEnergised presents an insights series on our current thoughts for this sector:

Part 1 – An Introduction to our services for onshore wind
Part 2 – Repowering – a call for EPC contractors & an opportunity to colocate
Part 3 – Grid connections for wind and battery developments
Part 4 – New ECU Guidance for wind and battery developments
Part 5 – The techno-economics of wind and battery colocation

Part 3 – Grid Connections for Wind and Battery Developments

They say that three things are certain in life; death, taxes, and a challenging grid connection.

Make no mistake, we are in the midst of an industrial revolution and there are still many hurdles to overcome. With pledges from both Westminster and Holyrood Governments to transition to a net zero future, the UK has taken a leap towards a more responsible and sustainable future, where electricity will be generated and distributed in a way that has never been done before.

A key aspect in this transition will be renewable energy, however, gone are the days of a ‘simple’ connection process; with greater demand for resources, long and costly reinforcement projects, planning and construction considerations, the process can be challenging.

A trusted advisor through your grid connection journey

This shifting puzzle needs careful consideration and smart engineering ideas, from the Transmission/Distribution operators and developers alike. Wind turbines have a significant role to play in this transition, and the smart design will come in the form of energy storage. Intermittent energy can only power the UK when designed with appropriate storage technology in mind.

ITPEnergised focuses on combining specialist engineering knowledge with first-rate communication, strategy, and techno-economic optimisation tools to help play our part in this electrical revolution. 

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