Alvance – GHG Emissions Reduction and Biodiversity Impact Assessment

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Client: Alvance British Aluminium

Location: Fort William, Scotland

Date: June-September 2023

Alvance British Aluminium in the Scottish Highlands is one of the world’s greenest metal production plants. ITPEnergised were appointed to support Alvance’s compliance with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standard v3 Principle 5 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Principle 8 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Our Role:

  • GHG Emissions analysis & quantification
  • Carbon reduction pathway
  • Baseline biodiversity risk assessment
  • Outline of opportunities for biodiversity enhancement

Expert technical advice and support was provided by ITPEnergised’s in-house Carbon and Ecology Teams. The Carbon Team worked closely with Alvance to identify relevant data and support the collection thereof in order to enable the calculation of a reliable GHG inventory covering Scopes 1, 2 & 3 for calendar year 2022.

This, in turn, enabled the calculation of a mine-to-metal emissions intensity figure and the production of a GHG Emissions Reduction Plan complete with ‘end-goal’ and 5-year intermediate targets. Finally, a review of Alvance’s existing management systems was undertaken and a series of recommendations made to ensure said systems were fit to implement the GHG Emissions Reduction Plan.

The Ecology Team carried out a biodiversity risk assessment to assist Alvance in understanding the potential risks associated with their operations on biodiversity, and how these can be mitigated to help them meet all legal and planning requirements. Recommendations were made for habitat enhancements across the landholding to maximise biodiversity on site.


The full range of final deliverables has enabled Alvance to take a more strategic view of how it might decarbonise its operations from a lifecycle perspective on the journey to net zero and continue to protect ecosystems, habitats, and species within its area of influence. An external audit in September 2023 assessed these deliverables and recommended Alvance for full accreditation under the ASI Performance Standard v3.

Morgan McConnell, HSEQ Manager

Download the Alvance GHG Emissions Reduction and Biodiversity Impact Assessment Case Study PDF here.