Carbon Capture and Storage

carbon capture and storage readiness
  • Client: confidential
  • Location: confidential.

Carbon Capture and Storage Readiness appraisal for a utility generator, to safeguard its generation licence in the face of a CPO.

The purpose of the exercise was to provide a high-level report which could be used to determine the land requirement for deploying appropriately sized CCS plant, drawing upon technology advancement from the BAT Working Group.

Environmental constraints and opportunities were mapped, and combined with engineering assessment of infrastructure and access, to define available land. Four potential sites were then analysed and downselected to one potential solution.

Our Role:

  • Provision of P3M services to manage the Technical and Environmental inputs into the report.
  • Providing a single point of contact between two sets of consultants for the easy and efficient reporting.
  • Change management – finding solutions to be able to accommodate scope creep without cost increase, advising on project efficiencies without compromising output.


The report was accepted as fit for purpose by Regulators and BEIS and the findings allowed the client to defend their position, whilst also accommodating the third-party land requirement.

Download the Carbon Capture and Storage Readiness case study PDF here.