Financial Modelling Application

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Net Zero Accelerator

Our Net Zero Accelerator® digital platform houses a diverse range of powerful web and mobile applications across our expertise with one thing in common: they all deliver at least 50x improvement in cost, time and effort compared to conventional approaches that trap value and limit visibility; designed to add shareholder value, reduce risk and accelerate your net zero journeys.

Intended User of the Financial Modelling App

Developers, funds, utilities, investors, buyers and sellers of renewable assets/portfolios of renewable energy and storage looking for an accelerated approach to quickly screen and rank projects.

The Problem

For development or M&A transactions there is usually a queue to get financial modeller time which can be time critical for decision making and front of the funnel screening. Models can take days or weeks to develop and often only with a single person with a deep overview of the assumptions, calculations and results.  Knowledge continues to be a silo within the organisation and all you want initially at least is an approximate view of the project economics versus your investor hurdle rates so you can quickly decide whether to spend more team time on the opportunity.

Our Solution

We have developed a generic financial model for offshore, onshore wind, solar PV and battery storage. Our industry knowledge takes market assumptions from industry/reputable bodies as the basis for predefined inputs that scale with project capacities. You can change cost, capex, financing and our unique backend algorithms allow user defined measures of time: start date, asset life, debt tenor, PPA tenor, merchant tenor and create sensitivities around the project for key financial indicators such as project IRR, NPV and simple payback years. This is all summarised neatly in a dashboard with a chart of free cash flow and automatically triggers approximate relative energy yield, TNUoS and BSUoS charges depending on GB territory and project size.

Typical benefits

  • Weeks to minutes
  • Visible communication of free cash flow and financial KPIs according to a cascade of user definitions
  • Distributed ownership within your organisation allows for challenge and triangulation in decision making
  • Compatible with other ITPEnergised NZA digital tools such as our portfolio digital twins
  • Encrypted database, cybersecure, authentication measures
  • Scalable solution with organisational growth

Download a PDF summary of this Financial Modelling Application here and contact us for a demo at quoting NZA50X.