Purpose Built Student Accommodation at Old Tynecastle High School

technical due diligence
  • Client: S1 Developments
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Date: 2021—2023

S1 Developments submitted an application to the City of Edinburgh Council seeking planning permission and listed building consent to build purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) on the site of the Old Tynecastle High School.

The site is located in close proximity of Tynecastle Stadium, railway lines, the Western Approach Road and the North British Distillery. Due to the associated Noise, Air Quality and Odour constraints at the site, S1 Developments appointed ITPEnergised to assess the potential impacts on future occupants of the development. 

We provided input to the development design to ensure that the development could achieve the lowest practicable noise levels and best air quality at the future receptor locations both indoors and outdoors in communal amenity space.

Our Role:

ITPEnergised provided air quality, odour and noise consultancy services for the proposed development.

Our assessments comprised a combination of desk based studies; detailed noise and odour survey work, including short-term and long-term noise monitoring, predictive modelling (air quality-emissions from roads and industrial flues; odour-from North British Distillery; noise – all multiple sources), and a site visit to the neighbouring Distillery site. The assessment work considered potential impacts upon proposed and existing receptors. The scope and methodologies for our assessments were agreed with the City of Edinburgh Council during a shared site visit and frequent direct consultation correspondence.

Although recommended for approval by the council planners, the Planning Committee refused permission for the development in September 2022.

S1 Developments appealed the decision at the end of 2022 for which ITPEnergised provided the required technical inputs and summary statements.


Following the appeal process, S1 Developments secured planning permission and listed building consent on the 30th of January 2023.

Download the Purpose Built Student Accommodation at Old Tynecastle High School Case Study PDF here.