Regulatory Monitoring Services

regulatory monitoring

Client: Various—developers, industry bodies, development agencies

Location: UK

ITPEnergised has been working as a grid advisor providing regulatory consultancy services to clients within the renewables and low carbon sectors since 2006. We have extensive experience in engaging with the development of grid policy and regulation in Scotland and Great Britain.

Regulatory Monitoring and identification of consultations – As part of the regulatory services, ITPEnergised monitors and provides monthly briefings that identify and track key workstreams, events, consultations and publications to the client as required. The monthly reporting cycle monitors regulatory and policy activity, with the aim of identifying opportunities or risks and outlining what each issue or topic is, what it means, what the impact will be for the client and how the client should engage or otherwise. ITPEnergised maintains active engagement with key industry forums through its membership and regular attendance of industry groups and forums.

Responding to consultations – Where there are opportunities to respond to and influence consultations, ITPEnergised flags these up in order to allow the maximum opportunity for the client to consider and respond to the consultation. ITPEnergised prepares draft consultation responses, tailored to the client’s key objectives.

Provision of ad hoc advice – ITPEnergised provides ad hoc advice and intelligence on any other developments related to regulatory and policy activity and responds to any ad hoc requests for advice, support, engagement with key stakeholders, workshop facilitation etc.

Examples of ad hoc advice include:

  • TNUoS charge estimates (short and long-term)
  • Review of embedded benefits and future revenue forecasts
  • Constraint payments
  • Embedded benefits and service related benefits
  • Underwriting reviews
  • Event attendance and debrief
  • Disputes and determinations (with Ofgem)

Maintaining active engagement with key industry bodies and a close communication with the client, ITPEnergised manages to track high priority issues and to support the client in achieving their key objectives.

Download the Regulatory Monitoring Case Study PDF here.