TNUoS Grid Charges Application  

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Intended User

Developers, funds, utilities, investors, buyers/sellers of renewable energy projects looking to gain an understanding of how wider Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charging will impact their projects up to year 2050.

The Problem

TNUoS charges recover the cost of installing and maintaining the transmission system in England, Wales, Scotland and offshore. These charges vary considerably and can comprise the majority of Opex in north of GB or be a revenue stream in other areas. The charges form a crucial part of strategy in portfolio development and in Financial Investment Decision for transmission connected renewable projects, and in ongoing budget forecasting for operational projects.

Our Solution

We have built a Digital Twin of the GB grid based on the National Grid model which has been updated for the last several years. This is unique to ITPEnergised in the market. Access to this model is not included but the results from it are. We have additionally built a commercial layer on top of this using the National Grid Future Energy Scenarios to help predict TNUoS charging to 2050 in 5 yearly increments across all relevant zones in the system. Users can choose reports for 1-14 zones. Users receive an explanatory report along with the predicted wider TNUoS charges.

Typical benefits

  • Uses fundamental load flow model of the GB grid as well as commercial analysis layer
  • TNUoS charging predictions in 5 yearly intervals to 2050 using all National Grid Future Energy Scenarios
  • Explanatory report
  • Compatible with other ITPEnergised NZA digital tools such as our LCOX and financial modelling suite
  • Load flow model is kept updated by ITPEnergised
  • Subscription as a service is available for more than 1 year

Download a PDF summary of this TNUoS Grid Charges app here and contact us for a demo at quoting NZA50X.