Capability Statement

Project Management Services

technical advisor

ITPEnergised is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, reliable, commercially minded, environmental and energy consulting services. Development Project Management is the multi-disciplinary management of a project from the initial concept to the completion of the detailed design. The development project stages reduce the risk for project delivery by clearly defining the technical design and safety performance, environmental considerations, programme, operation and maintenance; this informs the cost of the investment through delivery and into operation.

We manage energy and development projects during the pre-construction phases of a project, covering a broad range of possible project management services including electrical studies, design, consenting, procurement, political and regulatory matters, strategic advice and commercial negotiations.

Our team has worked on over 800 projects in both private and public sectors covering a wide variety project activities.  To date we have led on over 30,000MW of onshore and offshore grid projects in and around the UK. 

We have been involved in all elements of the development process from site feasibility and initial design, through to grid access and procurement.

We cover a range of sectors and developments:

  • Transmission and distribution connected developments
  • Private wire sites
  • Behind the meter generation
  • Energy storage
  • Micro-grid connected renewables
  • All renewables technologies including offshore wind, onshore wind and solar PV

Our services include:

  • Site feasibility
  • Network opportunity searching
  • Grid application
  • Grid offer negotiations
  • Grid constraints studies
  • Power systems review
  • Bi-annual securities review
  • Ancillary Services review
  • Grid code compliance
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Procurement
  • Owners Engineer services

Download the Project Management Services Capability Statement PDF here.