Capability Statement

Regulation Services

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ITPEnergised is a leading regulation services consultancy with specialist knowledge of the British electricity system and expertise covering regulatory issues.

We provide expert advice to project developers, investors, public sector clients, government and industry bodies on regulatory changes in the electricity sector. We maintain active engagement with key industry forums, take part in industry consultations, participate in working groups, monitor regulatory and policy activity and assist clients in understanding the issues and implications of changes in rules and regulations.

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We provide a personalised regulatory monitoring service, whereby we monitor policy and regulatory activity, identify any risks and opportunities and track issues. We publish regular briefing reports to clients outlining what each issue is, what it means, what its impact might be to a project.

We provide expertise in licensing, licence exemptions, grid connection costs, use of system charges (TNUoS, GDUoS) and balancing charges (BSUoS), benefits, credits and underwriting. As these are an ever important part of project development and operation, we assist clients to understand the processes and costs and the potential project implications.

Charging arrangements for transmission and distribution can be complex to understand and forecast. ITPEnergised has developed a model to estimate Transmission Network Use of System Charging (TNUoS) charges into the future, which offers assistance in understanding future project economics, supporting investment decisions and in choosing strategic business direction.

We cover a range of project types and clients:

  • Project developers
  • Investors
  • Government and industry bodies
  • Public sector clients
  • Renewable energy and low carbon projects
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrids, private wire systems and smart grids

Our services include:

  • Grid regulation and commercial support.
  • Regulatory and policy monitoring service with ad hoc advice and assistance in responding to key consultations.
  • Expert advice on charging arrangements for transmission and distribution connected projects.
  • Transmission network use of system charges (TNUoS) long range estimates.
  • GDUoS and BSUoS estimates
  • Transmission Losses impact assessment and long range estimates.
  • Involvement in key industry grid connection regulatory working groups.

Download the Regulation Services Capability Statement PDF here.