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Briefing Note – Upcoming Changes

To deal with a backlog of connection applications NG ESO is implementing temporary changes to the application process.

More information can be found here.

*Please note that the 1/12/22 introduction in England and Wales has been postponed

This will see an initial light offer issued within the licenced timescales of 3 months which will:

  • Secure TEC and position in queue (upon signing).
  • Outline the connection date and location.

It will not

  • Outline enabling works or costs.
  • Incur any liabilities.

The full application fee will be charged (but partially refunded if final offer is later cancelled)

A full offer will then follow. This will:

  • Be issued up to 12 months from signing the light offer.
  • Confirm the connection point.
  • Offer best connection date available – potentially earlier than the light offer.
  • Include the full scope of enabling works.
  • Include connection costs.
  • Liabilities will be due upon signature.

This will be rolled out in stages across GB.

  • England and Wales (NGET) from 01/12/2022. *UPDATED 14/12/22 – THIS HAS NOW BEEN POSTPONED*
  • North of Scotland (SSEN-T) from early 2023.
  • South of Scotland (SPT) after SSEN-T.

In parallel NG ESO is looking to speed up connections by:

  • Offering a TEC Amnesty.
  • Reviewing treatment of BESS. This may allow for BESS to connect ahead of enabling works subject to onerous inter-trip conditions

What will this mean for developers?

  • Uncertainty over connection date, works and costs for over 12 months.
  • Low value at risk to secure light offer.
  • Potential for BESS projects to be connected earlier.
  • Potential for applications to be submitted speculatively.

You can download this briefing note here.

If you need more information or advice, please get in touch with our team of trusted technical advisors at