Capability Statement

Wind Farm Noise Assessments

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ITPEnergised is a trusted advisor providing client-focused, reliable, commercially minded, environmental and energy consulting services. Our dedicated noise team has a wealth of experience in wind farm noise assessment covering sites across the UK, and hold grade-appropriate technical affiliation with the Institute of Acoustics (IoA).

Our services include:

  • Input to feasibility studies and provision of preliminary advice;
  • EIA Screening / Scoping;
  • Baseline surveys;
  • Construction and traffic noise assessments;
  • Operational noise assessments in accordance with ETSU-R-97 and the IoA Good Practice Guide (IoA GPG), typically as chapters within an EIA Report;
  • Mitigation modelling and directivity analysis to consider the ability of a development to meet cumulative noise limits, seeking to avoid the requirement for mitigation;
  • Inputs to Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs);
  • Evaluation of noise from associated plant, such as substations and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS);
  • Post-submission support, including review and input to draft planning conditions; and
  • Compliance monitoring

We have built an array of digital tools which enable us to quickly and reliably determine the applicability of correction factors recommended in the IoA GPG, with regard to concavity and topographic screening of turbines, and for the post-processing of baseline data for the derivation of noise limits. These tools allow us to rapidly re-analyse data to consider different scenarios, or to respond to the requirements of external technical reviews. We are constantly developing these methods, seeking to continuously innovate and to respond to the latest in accepted best practice.

ITPEnergised has good working relationships with the Environmental Health departments of numerous local authorities and are familiar with their supplementary guidance for wind turbine noise assessment. In addition, we have successfully worked with co-professionals working on behalf of simultaneous developer applicants to agree an equitable split in noise limits between prospective developments.

We select our monitoring equipment on the basis of its tested reliability in the field. Wherever possible we seek to build resilience into our surveys to minimise the likelihood of costly extensions or delays. We have good relationships with providers of wind monitoring systems and can provide recommendations for obtaining reliable and flexible SoDAR or LiDAR surveys.

We pride ourselves in presenting our findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner, and our friendly and responsive team are always on hand to support you. We work closely with ITPEnergised’s GIS and graphics experts to provide clear, high-quality drawings which are easy to interpret.

Download the Wind Farm Noise Assessment Capability Statement PDF here.