Hybrid Renewables – A Thought Leadership Series

biodiversity net gain planning
ITPEnergised has written a thought leadership series on hybrid renewables and how, among a number of solutions, it has the potential to support the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a growing world ambition to achieve net zero in our lifetime and to outperform current Environment and Social Governance (ESG) value propositions.

There is a trend to develop and implement wind-solar-storage technologies in various combinations and permutations with the same grid connection and in the same physical location. ITPEnergised has been involved from the early feasibility stages of these schemes in the UK and overseas in both mainland and island contexts for communities, governments, utilities, developers and industry.

This particular series is written for boards and investment committees of funds, utilities, developers, policy makers and network companies who would like to:

  1. Increase returns in lower wind energy yield years;
  2. Increase returns when project grid charges are anticipated to start rising;
  3. Increase the number and variety of returns by maximising your grid connection as route to market;
  4. Increase returns with more valuable flatter generation profiles to offtakers / internal retail position;
  5. Reduce lifetime cost of energy at a system level, increase self-balancing and reduce costs of balancing;
  6. Develop a platform capable of incubating innovation that cuts across silos from pilots to scale;
  7. Diversify risk at the point of connection;
  8. Defer investments in grid infrastructure;
  9. Introduce option value into the portfolio, at least cost, even at the development stage; and
  10. Outperform your current ESG proposition with higher renewable energy density for given land use.

The scope of this series covers: part 1 – definition and market, part 2 – enablers and barriers, part 3 – valuation approaches, part 4 – drivers, ITPEnergised experience and net zero, part 5 – an infographic that summarises the key takeaways from this series.

Part 1 of this series takes a look at definition and market size and you can access it here.

Part 2 gives an overview of some of the enablers and barriers for hybrid renewables and is available here.

Podcast with Stefan Tait, Head of Storage and Power to X at BayWa r.e. Watch it here on the ITPEnergised YouTube channel : Watch here

Part 3 provides an overview of stochastic valuation approaches and balancing capital exposure and is available here.

Part 4 provides an overview of strategic drivers for hybrid renewables adoption for funds, utilities and developers, as well as our own hybrid renewables experience and link to achieving net zero. Available here.

Part 5 is an infographic that summarises the key takeaways of this series. Available here.

For enquiries please contact Peter Lo, Onshore Renewables and Storage Sector Director at