Battery Storage Application

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Net Zero Accelerator

Our Net Zero Accelerator® digital platform houses a diverse range of powerful web and mobile applications across our expertise with one thing in common: they all deliver at least 50x improvement in cost, time and effort compared to conventional approaches that trap value and limit visibility; designed to add shareholder value, reduce risk and accelerate your net zero journeys.

Intended User

Developers/owners/operators/funds/new market entrants with an appetite to develop battery storage projects in standalone/hybrid renewable configurations wishing to gain a basic understanding of battery storage in the GB market.

The Problem

Storage is the negative space of variable renewable energy in both the physics and economics to achieve grid balancing. Our application provides a simple guide to battery storage, the pipeline in the GB market and a description of some of the key revenue streams and costs.

Our Solution

Our battery storage application is for educational purposes, tracking key developments in the market and changes in the GB regulations that provide the framework for revenue streams.

Typical benefits

  • Accelerated learning and situational awareness
  • Visibility on key technical terms
  • Provision of clarity in a rapidly changing regulatory environment
  • Compatible with other ITPEnergised NZA digital tools such as our battery storage financial modelling suite
  • Encrypted database, cybersecure, authentication measures

Download a PDF summary of this Battery Storage Application here and contact us for a demo at quoting NZA50X